7 Deadly Sins Of Makeup

makeup sins

As we all know makeup is what gives us the perfect look by hiding all the skin imperfections. Everyone wants to look beautiful and perfect and they all find it easy to maintain their personality and confidence with the help of makeup. They use different kinds of makeup products but some of them forget about its 7 deadly sins and never thought of checking their originality and their ingredients.

Applying and choosing a foundation is a really tough task of makeup. It will be tougher for you if have less knowledge about the makeup and the products being used on your skin. There are chances that you might end up making mistakes in this beautiful process.

Today we are talking about 7 deadly sins of makeup. Must read the following deadly sins of makeup so that you can choose the best one for you the next time without committing any mistakes:

7 Deadly Sins Of Makeup:

Never Be A Niggard:

There are always many articles floating on the internet about the different shades and types of makeup products. Most of the companies are selling them by claiming that they can be used on all skin types. Let’s just take an example of a foundation:

We know that foundation is what gives a locking effect to the concealer and also creates a base for other makeup products. People still think while spending money on a foundation even after knowing its benefits and results.

Always remember, not every expensive foundation is better than the normal drugstore foundations. If you find the better one at a drugstore u can also buy them but always by checking its ingredients.

Always check the shade and the type of every makeup product before you use it. It should be of a good brand and of good quality as well.

Be Sure You Are Not Using The Wrong Makeup Products:

It is one of the major sins of seven deadly sins of makeup. Sometimes even after spending money on the makeup products that are recommended by your Makeup artist you don’t find your makeup looking natural, it is because you just rushed to buy it before checking yourself if it will suit you or not…

Always buy your products according to your skin type.

If you have oily skin you should go for oil-free and water-based makeup products.
People with dry skin should opt for cream based foundations and other products like creamy eyeshadows and concealers.
Choosing your accurate products will reduce half of their application burden.

You Are Ignoring The Skin Preparation:

People think if they apply makeup directly after washing their face will give them a finishing look. But they make the biggest mistake her. Skin needs a lot of care before applying any makeup product. It is very important to apply moisture before you start doing makeup to avoid the flaky look.
CTM is very important for skincare. Using a moisturizer before makeup is the must for all skin types. The only difference in moisturizers is for oily skin they are water-based and for dry skin, they are cream-based.

You Might Be Using Wrong Tools:

After applying makeup, blending is one of the most difficult and important parts of the makeup. People in a hurry sometimes use the wrong tools to do it. They should be using the specific brushes and sponges for the specific products and step of the makeup. Beauty blender works best for the creamy texture products because they have good density. Virtue brushes such as foundation brush and blender brush work best for the liquid base and foundations.

Never apply your makeup using your fingers.

Use crease brush to make a crease line on the eyeballs and applicator brush to fill the eyeshadow in it. Similarly, use a blusher brush to apply blush and highlighter on the face. Applying makeup in a hush will spoil your look. Step by step and using the right tools to apply makeup will help you get the right and perfect look you want.

Using Wrong Shades Is Also A Very Big Sin Of Makeup:

Buying shades of makeup products in-store lights somewhere results in any other color which doesn’t suit you when you try it after coming home. This horror stuck is usually faced by everybody. Always buy makeup products after testing them on your skin. Use shades and colors of makeup products as per your skin tone.

You Are Not Using A Setting Powder:

Everybody says even after applying concealer and foundations our makeup fades away or just gets messed up. and this happens because you are using a setting powder to lock your concealer and foundations. Well, this is a major sign of seven deadly sins of makeup. Setting powder reduces the risk of makeup fading away because it prevents excessive natural oil to spoil the makeup and locks the base by giving a natural look. There are many kinds of translucent powders and setting powders available in the market. Choose them according to your skin tone and must use it after applying a base to lock it.

Must Use A Makeup Fixer- People Usually Don’t:

People want their makeup to last all day long but they usually don’t take any measures to change their technique to apply it but instead, they blame makeup products. It’s not right, if you want your makeup you must read these makeup tips to get a long-lasting makeup. Makeup fixers are really very important to apply after and also sometimes in between your makeup as it completely fixes your makeup and keeps your makeup as it is until you remove it off. There are makeup fixers of many brands that are available in makeup. Must use this in your makeup to make it last all day long.

These were the mistakes people do while applying and choosing their makeup which results in a sin of 7 deadly sins of makeup. I hope these sins will help you with beautiful lasting makeup and glowing skin without committing any mistakes.

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