How To Pick The Best Waterproof Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

pick the best waterproof eyeliner

Eyes are the most striking feature of our face. This is what defines a person’s expressions and personality. Makeup can change and also enhance the shape and colors of eyes. It makes them more prominent and sharp. Eyeliner is the fail-proof way to make eyes more prominent and beautiful. Waterproof eyeliner is the best way to do it. 

There are countless options for cosmetics to choose from when it comes to Waterproof eyeliner. If one is working on a person doesn’t mean it will also work for another. Eyeliner looks depend on a person’s facial dimensions. 

Picking the best Waterproof eyeliner for oneself can be a frustrating thing. But it also gives us many benefits on the other hand by making our eyes look lovely and dreamy.

The trend of using the single waterproof eyeliner of your eye color is outdated now. But there are certain shades that give an intense look to your eye color and sometimes change its appearance also. Before jumping to the types of eyeliners it is very important for you to know which waterproof eyeliner suits your eye color:

Eyeliner For Blue Eyes: 

Blue eyes attract a lot of attention and it is very important to give them a defining look. Contrasting shades can bring out the best eye color. Copper, brown, and gold color makes blue even bluer. These waterproof eyeliner colors light up the cool blue eyes. 

Eyeliner For Brown Eyes:

Brown eyes are the most common and are known as the miraculous eyes. You should never go wrong with your brown eyes. Blue tones and amber color lights speckle in the brown eyes. Many other colors that give an enhancing effect to brown eyes are gray, purple, cobalt.

Eyeliner For Green Eyes:

Green eyes always go with the red pigments. Red compliments the green color. Always pick red tone shades for green eyes. Rust, mahogany, is the other best colors along with the black that will help you get a defining look.

Eyeliner For Black Eyes:

Black eyes are evergreen and they are love. All the colors look perfect on black eyes including emerald, gold, green, browns, and nudes. These colors enhance the richness of black eyes and give them a perfect look.

To pick the best waterproof eyeliner to follow these amazing makeup tricks and tips:

There Are Three Types Of Waterproof Eyeliner:

  1. Gel waterproof eyeliner.
  2. Liquid waterproof eyeliner.
  3. Pencil waterproof eyeliner.

Gel Waterproof Eyeliner: 

Gel eyeliner is one of the best waterproof Eyeliners. You must use these if tend to do a lot of cat eyes. They just make your eyes look enhancing and prominent. There are many colors available in the market for eye colors.

  • They give a clean, precise stroke because of the thicker formula.
  • It has a creamy consistency which makes it very easy to use and control.
  • It comes in a package with a brush in it. You can use it accordingly.

Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner:

Liquid eyeliner is great for clean strokes that flick. The very thin brushes and applicators of liquid waterproof eyeliner makes is very easy to apply and also the way you want it. They also come in a wider range of colors.

  • It comes in various forms like pens marker type liquid eyeliner, nail polish kind of liquid eyeliners, etc.
  • It has a thin liquid consistency, which makes it very for you to draw the shape you want with a brush or applicator.

Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner:

It is said that if you want smokey eyes look you can achieve it easily with a pencil eyeliner. Wider range pencil waterproof eyeliners are available in the market. You can use this also as an eyeshadow. Using the same pencil eyeliner on your lower water lines gives your eyes a very prominent and natural look.

  • It is great to use it for an everyday look and if you blend it slightly it will give you a very natural look.
  • It is like a pencil and its ideal to use as a liner on your water lines as nobody wants liquid eyeliner running into their eyes.

These are some makeup tips that can help you pick the best waterproof eyeliner of your eye color. Applying the best eyeliner enhances your makeup and gives you the look you want. 

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