12 incredible Makeup tips for long lasting makeup

long lasting makeup

There are a lot of women who invest most of their time in Makeup and put a lot of effort into it. But most of the time they get bad results as their makeup just fades away within an hour and leaves no traces. It’s the worst, especially on the days when everything is going right and they are planning to go out with their loved ones.

There are many factors that can lead to this problem like pollution, dirt, busy schedules, humidity and mainly the wrong ways of applying makeup and the makeup products that are being used. So if you for a solution to this problem and wanna enjoy your outings freely you must try these 15 incredible beauty tips for long-lasting makeup:

It All Starts With The Preparation Of Your Skin:

The very first step before applying makeup is to prepare your skin for it. No matters what measures you take to make the wear of your makeup long-lasting if your skin isn’t prepared properly with skincare, then your makeup won’t look smooth or last long.

    1. Wash Your Face With Warm Water: All you need to do is wash your face with warm water and then pat it dry with a clean towel. This simple tip can help you clean all the dirt from the skin which later helps your makeup to stay evenly on your skin.
    2. Exfoliate Your Skin: Dead skin cells, dirt, impurities, etc stacks up on the surface level of the skin, which results in the rough texture of the skin. Exfoliating your skin at least two times a week will keep your skin smooth and will help your makeup lasts longer with smooth skin texture.
    3. Tone Up Your Skin With A Toner: Using a toner after cleansing and exfoliating balances the PH level of the skin, and gives the skin a smoother and a brighter appearance.
    4. Apply A Good Moisturizer: It is said that a nicely moisturized face provides a slaying base for makeup. And for the ladies who have dry skin, it becomes more important that you moisturize your face before applying makeup otherwise it will become flaky.

Use A Primer To Start The Makeup:

Primers are the essential first step for helping your makeup last all day. It is a very important beauty product that helps to smoothen your pores acts as a perfect base for foundation. All you need to do is to dab a small amount of primer all over your face and eyes. There are different types of primers for face and eyes:

  • Face Primer: These are used according to the skin type to help fill in pores, tailor fine lines and create a smooth surface for your foundation to go the last lasting. Try to get oil-free or water-based primer; this will help your foundation from slipping or moving around. Basically, it helps in fixing the foundation.
  • Eye Primer: Eye primers create a base for eyeshadows to show its true pigment or color. It helps the eyeshadow to blend easier and also helps the eyeliner to last all day without smudging and creasing.

After Primer Use An Oil-Free Foundation:

Oil-based products make it more probable that makeup will smudge out of place. People with dry skin type, make sure you moisturize very well before using an oil-free foundation. There are many types of foundations, Opt for one that is long-wearing and will smooth your complexion all day.

Layer Creamy Or Liquid-Based Products With A Setting Powder:

Liquids and creams tend to smudge throughout the day. Try finding lightweight setting powders that match your liquid foundation and cream blushes. It helps you set your makeup and previous products. You can set your makeup by gently dabbing powder on your face with the help of a makeup brush or beauty blender.

  1. Loose Powder: You can use loose powder to set your makeup and liquid products. These are easily available in the market and are of different brands.
  2. Translucent Powder: You should always apply lightweight translucent setting powder after applying all your complexion products. This mattifies the excess oil left on the skin and will also help you set your makeup for longer wear.

Use Beauty Blender:

If you want your makeup to stay all day. I recommend using a beauty blender to apply light layers to create a smooth surface of the skin. This will leave your makeup natural and face to look like a cake face.

Always Wear Waterproof Mascara And Eyeliner:

Opt for Waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and various other cosmetics if you want your makeup to stay all day long. Mascaras and eyeliners tend to smudge under the eyes if you use eye cream if you wear them excessively. Try to use Waterproof products if you want to avoid this problem. It also doesn’t need constant touch-ups.

  1. Waterproof products work best for people with oily skin and for those who sweat a lot.
  2. Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner and lash Waterproof mascara is highly recommended.

Don’t Forget To Curl Your Lashes:

It is a very important tip for long-lasting makeup. Curling your lashes helps them to appear thick. Just heat your eyelash curler with the help of a blow dryer. Then, curl your eyelashes three times with the curler and then apply mascara. This will help you get natural and curled lashes.

After Doing Your Eyes Apply Lipstick The Right Way:

You should always apply the concealer on your lips firstly. If you’re into the matte lipstick then that’s pretty good you can apply any color according to your skin and makeup. But, if you’re not much into matte lipsticks and like satin finish lipsticks, try applying it in layers.

  1. Apply your lipstick, dry it with a tissue, dust a layer of translucent powder over, and then apply another layer of your lipstick. Repeat until you get the look of your lipstick that you want.
  2. This layering technique will give your lipstick a base and help it to last long for hours.

Always Pat Your Skin With A Tissue:

If anybody has oily skin then there are chances that your makeup can become a bit shiny after some time. So I suggest instead of wiping it all you should pat your face with a tissue paper or blotting sheet.

Set Your Makeup With A Setting Spray:

To finish the look with a setting spray. It is really an important tip that everyone should follow for long-lasting makeup. It not only refreshes your makeup but it also seals your makeup for a very natural look that lasts all day long.

  1. Setting sprays are very popular nowadays that there’s an orderly arrangement of different formulations that mattify, hydrate, and even have ingredients to promote the glow.

Keep Your Hands Off:

The most important tip I can give you is to not touch your face. This not only spoils or smudge your makeup but also your hands collect bacteria and dirt throughout the day and you increase the risk of spreading that to your face by touching. This can cause acne, blemishes and many other problems.

Always Do The Touch Up:

To keep your makeup fresh all day, don’t forget to keep the essential products in your bag to do the touch up throughout the day. Make sure to pat your skin to avoid unwanted shine. Reapplying your lipstick if you want is a great help to look fresh and this also makes the makeup long-lasting.

So these are 12 incredible beauty tips for long-lasting makeup. I hope to help you people, to get a fresh and glowing long last makeup look with these self-tested tips.


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