7 Tips For Instant Natural Makeup

Instant Natual Makeup

As far as the instant natural makeup looks go, I’m just so obsessed with a clean, flawless canvas and not much else!

The skin has been such a trend lately. And I have a feeling that the natural look will remain one of the most sought-after styles this year, so follow these tips to rock a more natural look:

  1. Of course, a flawless face starts with good skin! Focus on skincare: If your skin is in bad shape, take the necessary steps to make sure you’re taking care of your skin very well and cultivating a good environment for healthy cells to grow. Eat healthy to maintain a glow and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for healthy and clear skin. 
  2. Opt for a BB or CC cream instead of a full coverage foundation. Or, if you’re not comfortable with coverage that’s that light, try a foundation that’s a light to medium coverage. The benefits of using a BB or CC cream is that the appearance is more natural and these types of products usually come with good-for-your-skin ingredients as well as its best for instant natural makeup. And, of course, they always have an SPF that protects your skin.
  3. Which brings me to my next point… SPF! Mandatory, not optional. As is Sun Protection Factor, it prevents UVB from damaging the skin.
  4. Take it easy on the blush. My advice would be to use a cream blush and dab it on with your fingers. When you’re using a cream product and you apply using skin-to-skin contact, it generates warmth which helps the product to blend in well with your skin and appear as natural as possible. Make sure you wash your hands before this process or any other skin-related activity. Your hands should be Clean.
  5. Focus on your brows! I’m so glad brows have been a focal point in beauty recently, and rightfully so: Spend a little time grooming and shaping your brows to enhance them so that your eye makeup can be on the lighter side. You can use eyeshadow colors like brown( highly recommended ) and black to fill your brows according to your brows.
  6. If you’re late, skip the eye makeup altogether. For my blonds, I know it’s tough since you tend to have lighter eyelashes and want some more definition; so maybe a few swipes of mascara and call it a day! For my darker-skinned beauties, many of us already have dark, defined eye lines and lashes, so work that natural beauty!
  7. Try a clear or tinted balm for your lips. There’s nothing prettier than dabbing on a rosy lip balm for a youthful, natural look. Otherwise, you can use any other lip balm of your choice.

So this is my way of keeping my face glowing and fresh with my instant natural makeup all day long. I hope this will help you guys to get your natural look. For any questions and queries please comment below in the comment section. 

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